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This Conference builds on prior conferences in Trento, Italy (2015, led by Roberto Poli), London, England (2017, led by Keri Facer) and Oslo, Norway (2019, led by Andrew Morrison):


The 1st Conference on Anticipation, held in Trento, Italy in 2015 , saw over 350 delegates gather to explore topics ranging from design futures, to anticipatory economics and the philosophy of the present.


The 2nd International Conference on Anticipation held in London, UK, in November 2017. This conference aimed to put into dialogue the empirical, practical and theoretical insights that are emerging in highly diverse fields ranging from biology to psychology, cultural geography to critical theory, physics to design, history to mathematics, urban theory to engineering.


The 3rd International Conference on Anticipation held in Oslo, Norway, in October 2019. This conference focused on Anticipation with an emphasis on designing futures and shaping anticipatory alternatives, processes, emergent practices, and actual sustainable pathways.

Special Issue of Futures Journal

* Select papers from the 3rd International Conference on Anticipation are published online in the FUTURES Journal.