5th International Conference on Anticipation

Anticipation Summer School

The 5th International Conference on Anticipation is calling on all postgraduate researchers and practitioners interested in learning if, how and when to use Anticipation and Futures methods in their studies, research, and practice.


Anticipating the challenges, opportunities, and conditions of future change is an exercise that is both global and local, entangled with values that are at once universal and particular. Building on the success of previous conferences (Trento, London, Oslo, Tempe), the 5th International Conference on Anticipation (11-14 Sept 2024) seeks to deepen and widen the exchange of new ideas, and possible future directions and actions in the interest of a better collective global future.


Having received over 210+ submissions, the conference is shaping to be a stimulating collective forum debating the climate emergency, transitional justice, AI, ethics, education, energy security, social inequalities, public health and wellbeing, socio-technical systems and imaginaries, cultural values, activism, the right to protest, and more.


Against this background, we call on all interested postgraduate, doctoral and other researchers to take part in a two-day Anticipation Summer School designed exclusively by and for them. The focus will be on the methods commonly used in Future and Anticipation Studies. The School will foster a nurturing environment to develop critical and practical skills with peers and supported by mentors who are specialists in the field. The aim is to complement and reinvigorate research and practical projects which may benefit and/or be aligned with questions located decades, centuries and millennia into the future, real and imagined.


Through a thoughtful mentoring scheme with members of the Conference Scientific Committee, close one-to-one peer collaboration and an applied anticipation and future research workshop, you will have the experience of a lifetime which will help you develop your research and teambuilding skills, and expand your academic international network.


The Anticipation Summer School will take place in Lancaster University, UK, 9 – 10 September, before the Conference itself. Join us for an immersive learning experience that combines academic rigour with interactive workshops and networking opportunities.

How to apply:

Interested participants are invited to submit their applications via this short form by 1 July 2024. You are expected to submit a 500-word statement that showcases you academic and/or professional trajectory in relation to Anticipation and Future Studies, your current work and areas of interest, and overall motivation to take part in the Summer Academy.


We are mindful of the financial difficulties for some doctoral and early career researchers to take part in such events and thus we expect to make available a limited number of bursaries. For those wanting to be considered, the form will provide the opportunity to present a 200-words statement referring to any financial support that may be needed to attend the School.

For more information on the application process and program details 

visit https://anticipationconference.org/ 

Or contact Felipe Sánchez Burgos [f.sanchezburgos@lancaster.ac.uk

with the conference email in copy [anticipation2024@lancaster.ac.uk].

Don't miss this chance to be part of a vibrant community dedicated to exploring the frontiers of anticipation and future methods. World-class academics from different parts of the world will be waiting for you to join us at Lancaster.