Anticipation 22 is a unique, radically interdisciplinary conference for exploring how ideas of the future inform action in the present. With an emphasis on just futures, we seek contributions that explore equity and fairness and question who imagines futures and with which impacts. We invite researchers, scholars and practitioners engaging with anticipation and anticipatory practices to come together to deepen their understanding and create productive new connections.

Anticipation 22

4th International Conference on Anticipation

4 November 2022 Virtual
16-18 November 2022 Tempe, Arizona USA

The overarching aim of the conference and of the interdisciplinary field of Anticipation Studies is to create new understandings of how individuals, groups, institutions, systems and cultures use ideas of the future to act in the present.  This conference will build on prior conferences in Trento, Italy (2015), London, England (2017) and Oslo, Norway (2019).

Anticipation 22 will emphasize questions of justice and is devoted to opening up the study of anticipation to new voices, new spaces and new approaches.


The in-person conference will be held at Arizona State University, at the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory, located in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. The area offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget to five star facilities and is easily accessible from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport.

Optional Field Trips

Taking advantage of the spectacular desert location, with enough interest, we will organize field trips to

Biosphere 2 11/15/2022 (fee for shared transport and tour)

Emerge Festival in Mesa 11/19/2022 (no fee, participants self-organize local transport)

Place-Based & Virtual Options

In lieu of a complex hybrid event, we have decided to offer an all-virtual event and an in-person event. Due to concerns ranging from carbon, convenience, cost, and/or COVID-19, some folks prefer to attend virtually and thus we are planning to create a virtual conference on November 4, 2022. This offering also aligns with our goals to create an accessible and inclusive international event.

Conference Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee is composed of Cynthia SelinLauren KeelerMalka OlderRuth Wylie, Alexandrina AgloroElma Hajric


Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory

School for the Future of Innovation in Society 

Center for Science and the Imagination

The Design School


If you are interested in sponsoring an element of the conference or if you are able to assist with travel bursaries, please contact us at: